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Friday, January 13, 2017

Executive brief: 
Organizations are increasingly investing in security solutions that provide additional protection of sensitive data, as well as better visibility over network traffic and endpoint activity. According to IDC research, 60% of organizations surveyed indicated that modern endpoint and network security products such as sandboxes were either a high priority or an extremely high priority over the next 12 months. IDC’s Sean Pike discusses network sandboxing and gives you a few questions to ask in the evaluation process.

Click Here: Why network sandboxing is required to stop ransomware. 
Why you need to use sandboxing as well as signatures and heuristics.   

Click here for  Video: Sandbox Security

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Microsoft Excel is but one of several software data analyzers that I have used over several years working in the IT field to build, audit, and manage databases. My knowledge of this software is somewhat extensive and diverse, although not exhaustive. Given my strong university math background, I have learned to use Excel in many diverse ways to help with real-world application in my own varied career. I am happy to help others learn this software to make their life and business simpler by seeing data in a whole new way!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Disable Windows 10 Spying - Privacy & Security

Have you ever wondered how much information about you and your computer habits are being tracked?

Well, guess what?   Windows 10 is the quintessential tracking technology.  In fact, at this release level more of your operating system functions in the cloud than on your own computer.  So what does that mean?  From key strokes to indices of your personal file structure (folders and directories) on your PC, these and much more are being logged and tracked by Windows 10 by default at setup.

Do you really want MicroSoft to know everything you do on your computer (and the ability to tie your personal data to your name and location) and then use that to sell any and every product under the sun to you . . . or worse, as they sell your data trends?

Take just 35 minutes and learn how you can protect yourself and your data and operating system from MS eaves-dropping by watching this video: